Handmade from vines rooted in Oregon’s Willamette Valley for the Upper Left lifestyle!

The same attention to detail that we always put into the farm is now in a can for you to #drinkwineoutside. Our journeys have taken us all around the world, we just wished we had this with us! Well, now we do.

Have fun and as always, drink responsibly.

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Pinot Gris Bubbles

34% of the Willamette Valley is rooted with Pinot Gris. We’ve taken this classic varietal from Alsace and given it a new twist. A slight spritz of bubbles that make it the perfectly refreshing everywhere.


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Rosé Bubbles

You know this all day beverage well. Now it’s all day and anywhere with a vibrant spritz.


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Pinot Noir

If you’re still not drinking Pinot noir you should be! The perfect varietal for the Willamette Valley’s rolling hills, long summer days and winter liquid sunshine. Now there’s no excuse not to take it with you.

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Willamette Valley Wines in a can just make sense!

We’ve all taken a journey to get to where we are. Now we have the wine to take with us! Have fun and as always, drink responsibly.

See what we’re doing with our cans!

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