Meet Robert Moshier, our Chief Instigator, Co-Founder, and General Manager

Growing up with dreams of the mountain West, Robert spent college summers in western North Carolina at the Nantahala Outdoor Center where he was exposed to limitless possibilities of travel and the outdoor industry.

The day of his University of Alabama graduation, Robert packed up his car and headed West for Utah’s Little Cottonwood Canyon and Alta’s fresh powder. While there, he met Alaska Outdoor Mountain Guides and Climbing School and took a summer job as a climbing guide in southeast Alaska.

Following the thread of adventure, and fully in the throes of mountain exploration at this point, Robert landed in Oregon and felt home. He combined his degree in production and operations management with an interest in winemaking and launched his career at NW Wine Co. with Laurent Montalieu.

Credited as being the Chief Instigator of Westmount, Robert was ready to introduce a wine that reflected the lifestyle of the Pacific Northwest. The sense of adventure and exploration that has driven him to the endless pursuit of making world class wines, scaling mountains, living deliberately, and being ready for whatever comes next.

Check him out as he explores Cougar Crag– a favorite spot to climb outside of Bend, Oregon.