#5: Abbey Road Farm – From Wilderness to Table

Great food, like great wine, can not be made without great ingredients. It is an experience given from the earth, and we appreciate the hunt. We are lucky to be rooted in the Pacific Northwest where amazing produce is everywhere. Chef Eric Bartle focuses not only on the quality of his ingredients but on their source.  The where and the why. His food tells a complete story.

At Westmount Media, we love to celebrate what makes the place that we call home so special. For the 5th episode in our Rooted Series, we are showcasing the Wilderness Hunter and Huntress from Abbey Road Farms. From the oceans to the mountains and from the farm to the table, the Pacific Northwest is home to so much and we love being rooted here. It all starts and ends with this great place.


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“It truly is a chef’s paradise out here.”

-Eric Bartle – Chef | Farmer | Forager | Hunter – Wilderness Hunter


#4: KO Custom Furniture – A Life Reclaimed

Do what you love while you’re here. Life’s collective journey has many twists, turns, and points of reflection. One decision or action that you do or don’t make can drastically change who you become. At Westmount Wine Co. we celebrate our journeys together, and we believe that our diverse paths are the foundation that allows creativity and ingenuity to shine. In the 4th episode of our Rooted Series, we bring you a maker who is driven by an extreme perspective on the value of time and the love for what he creates every day. For a man who feels like he was given a second chance to live, Kris Kirkman makes sure he doesn’t take a single second for granted.

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“There are few places on the planet that have the raw, natural beauty like the Pacific Northwest does. That inspires art. Something original, something organic, and something reclaimed.”

-Kris Kirkman – Owner | Artist | Craftsman | Woodworker – KO Custom

#3: Rogue Ales & Spirits – Dare – Risk – Dream

The Pacific Northwest is synonymous with a few things: old-growth evergreens, plenty of liquid sunshine, and microbrews. For the past 30 years, there has been one brewery holding a hard-charging line of innovation, creativity, and stewardship of this amazing place that we call home. Rogue Ales and Spirits has created a culture of free-thinkers and difference-makers who have one intangible in common: their spirit—their desire to dance to a different beat and ultimately their desire for craftsmanship.

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“It’s been so long that we, as a company, have been helping to push that envelope of keeping everything Oregon.”

-Nate Linquist – Barrel Troll – Rogue Ales and Spirits

#2: Truant Leather Company – Craft through discovery

On the northern banks of the lower Columbia River sits Wahkiakum County, one of Washington states’ smallest counties and home to just around 3,000 residents. The people of Wahkiakum County love where they live. They love the way they’re not only connected to the rumbling river and rolling hills graced with towering evergreens but also so closely with one another. Living in this remote section of the Pacific Northwest can be trying on one’s spirit. A life is made out there, nothing is given–except for unwavering camaraderie and love from your community… more…

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“What is a failure? It’s just a change in course. What is there to be scared of?!  ”

-Kylie Thacker – Founder, Designer, Maker – Truant Leather Co. 

#1: Portland Gear

Portland, Oregon, Rose City, Bridgetown, Rip City, Stumptown, home. Whatever you call it, whether you grew up in Portland, live in or just visited, you know that feeling that you get when you think about it. This big-little city sits at the junction of the Columbia and Willamette Rivers and is full of excitement. It has an eclectic collection of people that look at the world with a unique perspective. People who are inspired, creative, passionate, believe in their community and will wait for brunch any day of the week.

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“Everything that we have done has been natural and authentic to not only who we are as a brand, but who Portland is.”

-Marcus Harvey – Founder – Portland Gear